Girl hot

Girl hot

Firstly, We are going to America.

This video was recorded in America. I guess the video shot in Los Angeles because I researched it was mentioned as Los Angeles in the sources. The video recorded at the Los Angeles airport. Looks a little scary 

Our next Video is from . The video was taken at random from the car. I don’t think this meteoroid will cause a forest fire.

These videos were shooted in China.  At first glance, it looks like it was taken during the day, but it is a night view. How magnificent   it shines.

Another metroid video was recorded from car. But this video was recorded in Philippines .

Finally, we came to the last real footage, which was recorded in Russia. In generally, it happens often in Russia.

1. Mention

To speak about something quickly, giving little detail or using few words

I’ll mention yourideas to Tamara.

He casually mentioned (that) he was leaving his job.

My friend mentioned seeing you the other  night.

2. Scary

 To fear something.

He’s a scary man.

He’d had a dream in which scary monsters were chasing him.

3. Glance

To get a quick short look.

He glanced round the room to see who was there.

She glanced up from her book as I passed.

Could you glance over this letter and see if it’s ok?

4. Magnificent

Very good, beautiful, deserving or to be admired.

a magnificent girl

a magnificent piece of letter

He lives in a magnificent street.


A piece of  move especially one showing an even

finally, we came to the last real footage.



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