20:08 GMT - Egypt reports two deaths, 40 new cases 

Egypt reported 40 new confirmed cases and two more deaths because of coronavirus, bringing the total of COVID-19 related deaths in the country to four, the health ministry said in a statement.

The individuals were a 72-year-old German who died in Luxor and a 50-year-old Egyptian in Dakahlia governorate, the statement added.

19:55 GMT - Serbia postpones general elections

Serbia's state election commission has postponed the April 26 general elections due to the coronavirus outbreak and until after the abolishment of the state of emergency, it said in a statement.

"All the deadlines regarding the election process will be set after the end of the state of emergency," it said.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who is also the head of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, on Sunday declared the state of emergency in a bid to halt spreading of the coronavirus disease.

 It is your benefit to insure your vehicle in the event of an accident. If you have not insured your car, you cannot drive, and your health invoices will not be covered by the insurance policy in case of an accident. The Sunrise Financial Concepts, which runs the insurance plans of American Insurance Underwriters (AIU), the only national insurance company. You can reach these companies from 1-800-478-7648. Insurance; accident and theft, accident, you can determine the full range. The price of the insurance increases in proportion to its scope. You will also pay for the insurance; Accident, depending on where you live, whether you drink alcohol while driving, sex and where you live. Y


A family law instructor and a judge with 20 years of experience, Cheryl Ellsworth believes that in the US, the legal system only destroys families. After the divorce, the former spouses are constantly unable to solve pressing issues of parenting. And often, instead of soberly discussing the problem, they prefer to solve it in a courtroom. They need an impartial mediator - and this can be the coParenter artificial intelligence.


Specialists in unidentified flying objects have long been saying that the same spacecraft periodically appear on the Earth’s orbit, despite the fact that traditional scientists do not believe in the existence of aliens. Nevertheless, photographs, in which one can see a really strange giant UFO, have accumulated quite a bit on the Internet. Among other things, quite recently, the collection of relevant images has been replenished, and on the new photo there is already a completely different object.

Lunokhod "Bereshit", developed by the Israeli company SpaceIL and originally created specifically for the Lunar XPrize competition, during which it was necessary to assemble a private lunar unit, then using it for its intended purpose, was on the eve of the last step towards convergence with the earth satellite, turning on its engines already in fourth time.


Specialists dealing with extraterrestrial civilization, are interested in an incredible event. As the foreign press reports, archaeologists happened to find the mummy of a real stranger. This discovery was made not long ago on the territory of Egypt, and the corresponding photos have already been presented to the public.


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