An amazing people have been discovered in the jungles of New Guinea, claiming that he lives simultaneously in two worlds - ours and in an unknown parallel Universe. People of the Oolug tribe say that when they fall into a trance, they fall into the Land of Shadows, where eternal darkness reigns and monsters live. Depicting this double existence, the inhabitants of the tribe paint over half the body in black.

When our loved ones die, we think we lose them forever. Is it really so? The mediators between the two worlds hold a different opinion. They believe that death is just a transition to another form of life. And in order not to linger on the earth, the souls need our support and love.

By our sorrow we deprive them of the opportunity to leave this world. Therefore, it is important to deepen the relationship with people who have gone into another dimension. Imagine your feelings if you suddenly became invisible to your friends and relatives. You always want to be noticed, take into account your opinion. However, people do not even realize that you are there. Naturally, you will be annoyed. The same feelings appear in many spirits who are trying to establish contact with their living relatives. Believe me, they also need your attention.

Magic symbols are the thing that no sorcerer or magician can do without. Many of these symbols are used in culture and creativity. But how can a picture harm or protect? The runes, pentagrams, stars of David, the Orthodox cross and other signs, in fact, can have great power.

The fact is that not the symbol itself is harmful or beneficial, it is only a conductor for energy or an anchor for an egregore. 

Does a person believe in the existence of these earthly beings or not, but he still heard about them at least something. Our world is full of mysteries and riddles and believe in the existence of a mysterious little man, who is popularly called the "house" the right of anyone. Of course, hardly anyone is the owner of a precious picture with him in the lead role, even with the best camera, yet we visually present this good old man.

 Considering our progressive age of new technologies, we are still amazed by the supernatural abilities of psychics at the next show. Saying the word "psychic", in our imagination draws a picture of a tall and sullen man in a black dress with a mass of amulets and attributes for witchcraft. For some people with rich imagination, an image of a dense old woman is drawn in a huge magic ball in her hands in a dark room lit by the faint light of candles.

 Any person can be convinced of the mystical properties of an event, but if this event falls on Friday 13, then even the most skeptical person will be wary of such a date. So it’s our opinion that the number 13 is mystical and that day, if it also falls on Friday, something unpleasant is happening.

Friday 13th falls on a different month, so one of the people is skeptical about this day, and someone is in anxious waiting. Friday 13's prejudices are much exaggerated, but even skeptics "just in case" observe some signs of neutralizing its actions. 

 Long since, magicians use candles in their rituals. By its flame one can determine whether a person is alive or dead, healthy or ill, depressed or cheerful. There are countless candles that differ from each other in shape, color and composition. The color of the candle plays an important role in performing magical rituals. We have identified several primary colors of wax candles and their purpose in magical rites.


Even in our age of high technology and materialism, interest in the unknown does not disappear. On the contrary, it seems that this interest is becoming even more lively. Many books and ritual paraphernalia are waiting on their shelves for those whose attention is covered by this mysterious topic. And the fact that for centuries was under the ban, now openly to the curious public attention.


In this regard, the question arises: what lies behind the large abundance of occult literature? Do ancient knowledge really give people the opportunity to look into the secrets of the universe and make their lives richer? Or is it all behind the ancient fears and superstitions of our ancestors? Now we have the opportunity to figure it out. 


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