30 big coffee phrases to read everything about the new infrastructure and 5G

ust now, NetEase Technology carried out the "5G · Future Salon" activity with the theme of "new infrastructure and new opportunities". The two guests of this event focused on 5G network deployment, ecological construction, industry applications, and new infrastructure under the key period of China's 5G commercial development. Learn to read. Not much to say, the interpretation of this period of gold sentences, still only fishing for dry goods.

Zhang Hao, Deputy Director of the Institute of Network and IT Technology, China Mobile Research Institute:

  1. The new infrastructure is relative to the old infrastructure.The seven major areas of the new infrastructure include: 5G infrastructure, UHV, intercity high-speed railway and grade rail transportation, new energy vehicle charging piles, big data centers, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet.Among them, 5G is the leader in the seven areas of the new infrastructure.
  2. The new infrastructure includes three aspects of infrastructure: information infrastructure, innovation infrastructure, and converged infrastructure.
  3. 5G is a new foundation for digital development.The data shows that by 2035, the scale of China's digital economy will reach 150 trillion, which is four times that of 2018.It is estimated that the GDP output value of the digital economy in 2035 will account for 55% of that year's GDP.
  4. 4G changes lives, 5G changes society.
  5. The introduction of 5G will bring direct economic output including base stations and indirect economic output related to the development of applications.It is estimated that by 2030, 5G direct economic output will reach 1.3 trillion, and indirect economic output will reach 10.6 trillion.
  6. In fact, 5G still uses non-independent networking (NSA), that is, 5G base stations are used to access the 4G core network, which also causes many new characteristics of 5G to not be reflected.The new independent networking (SA), which supports shorter delays and higher rates, is the new core goal of 5G development.
  7. 2/3 / 4G is billed based on the traffic plan. When it comes to 5G, it may be charged by rate, slice or single flow.
  8. The uneven distribution of traditional education resources will exist for a long time, and 5G can become a technical means to solve this imbalance of resources and reduce unfair education.The combination of 5G and VR can improve learning efficiency, make education more vivid and business scenarios more flexible
  9. Traditional pipeline operations can no longer meet the demand, and 5G can meet personalization and differentiation.The low latency of 5G is helpful for the automatic control of the robot arm, and the high-density connection ensures safety, reliability and stability.
  10. 5G high-bandwidth features can transmit high-definition data at any time to improve security efficiency.At the same time, it can track the direction of people flow, provide early warning on the density of people flow, and optimize urban governance.
  11. 5G construction needs to cover a large number of base stations. In the initial situation where 5G did not reach the national coverage, it needs to be coordinated with 4G to complement 5G.
  12. Small businesses are constrained by costs, etc. It is not necessary to use 5G for all links, and 5G can be combined with a link at an early stage.It is necessary to combine the latest technology with the production link of the enterprise according to the actual situation, and with the input-output ratio.
  13. The most important thing behind intelligence is data. Enterprises should make good use of data to make portraits of production and consumption links and behaviors, and use data to form closed-loop guidance to exert force.
  14. Technology is good technology, it will be troublesome if it is not used or managed.It must be a combination of advanced productivity and advanced production mechanisms.Only by making good use of and managing technology can we achieve better efficiency.
  15. In terms of cloud gaming, the 5G latency is reduced to 20-30 milliseconds, and there is no demand for end-user testing.
  16. China's 4G base stations account for almost a quarter of the world's total, and the deployment scale is one of the largest in the world.
  17. 5G will reach 550,000 city-level coverage at the end of this year, still far from 5 million stations.Operators will increase the construction process next year.
  18. The base station needs to be optimized for site selection and cannot affect the 4G signal.There is also a need for tuning to reduce blind spots.It usually takes several months from construction to commercial operation. China's construction speed is also very fast in the world, and 5G strives for full coverage like 4G.

Chen Ming, Chief Technology Officer of Ericsson China:

  1. 4G smart terminals have mature commercial terminals available only after two years of commercial use.At the beginning of 5G smart terminals, smart terminals supporting voice systems appeared.The development of 5G is much faster than 4G, and everyone's attention to 5G is worth it.
  2. The basic element of 5G is to provide greater bandwidth, and users can obtain faster speeds, which is at least 10 times higher than the 4G rate.Whether customers are willing to pay for faster rates is a problem facing the industry.
  3. Before the 4G era, we think that 360p or 420p is already high-definition, but now the data has actually reached 1080p or 2160p. The original high-definition is no longer high-definition.For users, if they can provide more competitive prices or better services, they are still willing to pay.In the survey, it was found that a considerable portion of users are willing to pay an additional 20% premium for 5G services, which is very important for enterprises.
  4. In today's 5G era, everyone's opportunities are equal in the process of discovering new applications and new values, but SMEs are more innovative.
  5. The advantages brought by the low latency of 5G are obvious. For example, it is faster to grab a red packet with a 5G terminal than 4G.
  6. It is very possible for musicians around the world to use the 5G low-latency feature to conduct symphony orchestras.
  7. After the epidemic, it is necessary to strengthen the network.The work boundary is blurred. Remote office may affect the way of working after the epidemic. New changes also hide new opportunities.
  8. 5G will transform society, the core is to build a complete industrial chain.
  9. SMEs should learn as much as possible about new 5G technologies and bring about new capabilities.Think about how to embed these new capabilities in new products and bring new value.
  10. Enterprises should combine their product pain points and tap hard.Can do some research and breakthroughs to reduce the dimension.Large projects are inseparable from partners and require a large number of upstream and downstream industry cooperation. There are many opportunities for SMEs to integrate their products into them.
  11. For special needs scenarios, operators can deploy networks specifically.In terms of technical means, the demands can be fully realized, and the network moves with the industry.
  12. China's network construction must be leading in the world.More than just the speed of network construction, China has two of the best spectrums.The first point is the low-end spectrum and its propagation characteristics are very good. The second point is that the bandwidth is the largest. There is 160 MB of bandwidth in China, which is hard to imagine abroad. From the perspective of network construction, Chinese consumers will get the best network.

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