Just now, NetEase Technology carried out the "5G · Future Salon" activity with the theme of "New Infrastructure and New Opportunities". The two guests of this event focused on 5G network deployment, ecological construction, industry applications, and new infrastructure under the key period of China's 5G commercial development. ..


During the week of the brand, the most popular models of Ulefone are available at a bargain price on BangGood until April 29 Armor 3T with a battery with a capacity of 10,300 mAh and the radio function, Armor 5 in a thin protected case with NFC, Power 5S with a huge 13,000 mAh battery and other smartphones of the company participate in the campaign. 


Earlier this month, we wrote that Windows 10 was launched on OnePlus 6T, but then the system was unstable. Now, the programmer Basu Timmer, known by his nickname NTAuthority, managed to achieve the full-fledged work of the desktop OS on a smartphone. Moreover, he was even able to launch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on a mobile device.

The programmer has achieved normal operation of Windows 10 on OnePlus 6T with support for touch control in many applications, including Google Chrome. Recall that for launch on smartphones, Bass Timmer uses the ARM version of Windows 10.


Blackout, the “royal battle” of  Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 , will be made free. Gamers fairly treat all April Fools' news with some caution, however, this time there is no reason not to trust the publisher - everything is serious here. Although the proposal really looks painfully generous: after all, instead of having a few days in the action movie, they are offered a whole month.


The famous ufologist from Taiwan, Scott Waring, who for a very long time has been trying to prove to the whole world that aliens exist, and to find irrefutable evidence that NASA knows everything, but hides it from people, tried to do it once again. The unrecognized scientist placed in the virtual space very attractive photos, in which, according to him, you can see the crashed spacecraft of an unearthly, of course, production.


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