Anthrax, also called anthrax, is caused by bacteria. Most of the time, people who work with livestock or animal products get infected

"Take penicillin," was one of the letters sent to the World Trade Center shortly after the attacks. Two US Senators and editors of American media companies received suspicious mail in October 2001. Their contents were life-threatening: a powder with anthrax pathogens. Five people who opened the letters died of the disease. 17 others became infected but were treated fast enough and survived. The letters were disguised as Islamist terrorist attacks, but investigations by the FBI revealed that the pathogens originated from a US-based bioweapons research laboratory. The sensational case spread in Germany fear of anthrax, although this disease hardly occurs here.


Antibiotics and analgesics are among the most common causes of drug allergy. More about symptoms, diagnosis and therapy

Medication may also cause adverse drug reactions - known as drug intolerances. However, there are different groups:

  • Most intolerances can theoretically affect all patients - such as side effects or interactions with other drugs. Such undesirable effects can be explained by the mechanism of action of the drug and, so to speak, predictable, their extent depends on the drug dose. Information about this usually contains the package insert.


Depression is a serious mental illness. Early diagnosis and therapy are important. Information about causes, risk factors, symptoms and treatment

What is depression?

Definition: Anyone who suffers from depression suffers from a persistent deep mood of inactivity, from which he usually can not free himself. It differs from "normal" feelings of fatigue, despondency and grief that have arisen in response to concrete problems. Everyone knows such "low moods". They usually go by as soon as the triggering events are processed constructively - as soon as, for example, the pain over the loss of a close person diminishes or the congestion at work decreases.

 The Audi e-tron, which launched Audi's global electric offensive when it premiered last September, is now available in China as an import model. It was announced at the auto show that the price here will range from 700,000 to 826,000 yuan, depending on the version. A locally produced version will be available in China next year. 

The Q2L e-tron also made its world premiere in Shanghai. It has been designed especially for Chinese customers and is Audi's first locally produced pure electric car. The second generation of the Audi Q3 also had its China launch in Shanghai.

"The Audi AI:ME concept car is an important model in Audi's electrification initiative as well as its blueprint for future mobility, and there is no place better than the Shanghai­ Auto Show for its world premiere," said Audi China President Thomas Owsianski. 

 In the episode "The Dream Ship: Zambia", which airs on Easter Sunday (April 21, starting at 8:15 pm), Daniel Morgenroth, 55, steers the cruise ship as Martin Grimm , first officer with a captain's license, transitional alone. Pop star and presenter Florian Silbereisen , 37, takes over as captain Max Parger the command on the bridge of the legendary "dream ship" from Christmas. The two men will then share the command in the future. 

According to the results of the 1st quarter of 2019, the volume of the Russian market of new ones amounted to 3003 cars, which is 1.2% more than a year earlier. The sales leader, as before, was the domestic UAZ Pickup, which found 1,661 customers (+ 5%). Experts of the Avtostat-Info agency named the TOP-10 of the most popular pickups in Russia.

An amazing people have been discovered in the jungles of New Guinea, claiming that he lives simultaneously in two worlds - ours and in an unknown parallel Universe. People of the Oolug tribe say that when they fall into a trance, they fall into the Land of Shadows, where eternal darkness reigns and monsters live. Depicting this double existence, the inhabitants of the tribe paint over half the body in black.


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