Throughout history, people have faced many natural, social or managerial risks,
the need to take measures against these risks that are encountered or likely to occur reveals the concept of insurance
It has interests. Insurance for a certain premium in the event of risks
Meets. This allows people to look at life more confidently.
The basis of insurance, maritime trade began with, during the trade by pirates attack
It is thought to be taken with the measures taken to protect the goods (Inel and the Tow,
2013: 136). Approximately 4000 years ago, it was similar to insurance in the Babylonian civilization.

 The most obvious perception of private insurance in our country is the common misconceptions that insurance is expensive. Most individuals still consider insurance as an expenditure item or luxury consumption. For this reason, our country does not show any interest in insurance.

Another issue is that they are unaware of their insurance needs, or that other perceptions of risk are low. Our country people think that bad surprises will always happen to others. However, the main function of insurance is to ensure that individuals are not adversely affected from the damage caused by the economy, that is, to take measures against certain risks

 It is your benefit to insure your vehicle in the event of an accident. If you have not insured your car, you cannot drive, and your health invoices will not be covered by the insurance policy in case of an accident. The Sunrise Financial Concepts, which runs the insurance plans of American Insurance Underwriters (AIU), the only national insurance company. You can reach these companies from 1-800-478-7648. Insurance; accident and theft, accident, you can determine the full range. The price of the insurance increases in proportion to its scope. You will also pay for the insurance; Accident, depending on where you live, whether you drink alcohol while driving, sex and where you live. Y


In the US, it is generally accepted that automobile insurance covers the risks and losses associated not only with driving, but also with owning a moving vehicle.

The insurance contract, as a rule, has a set of standard provisions. Mandatory includes information relating to the specifics of the car: year of manufacture, make, engine size, as well as special registration numbers of the car. In addition, additional information is always indicated: how it is used (what is its average mileage), is it used in the pool system (for example, a group of employees travels in turns or all together in the same direction). Be sure to specify the maximum liability of the insurer. All the above data and some others are given on the so-called declarative page.

In principle, everything becomes clear if you say two words: CTP and CASCO.

The principle of operation of Russian OSAGO and CASCO is taken entirely from the insurance system in the USA.

For California, there must be a minimum liability insurance for the owner in case of accidents, while this minimum insurance will not cover damage to your car, only the minimum liability of you as the culprit is liability. Immediately remember OSAGO. This is one of the cheapest insurance that all car owners are required to have. But, unfortunately, its coverage is often not enough when any traffic accident occurs. It should even be from a tourist who bought a car here in order to just drive a month across the USA in it (up to 14 days you can ride without penalty for lack of insurance, otherwise it is either a fine or parking penalty).


When you are in America, you can decide to buy a car. Car insurance in America must be done after receiving your vehicle. Car insurance transactions like in our country need to be done because there are strict inspections. Unlike in our country, there are no two different insurance. There is a single fuse. Casco and traffic insurance are not separate. Under a single insurance, it is possible to prepare a policy with many systems and conditions. Basic insurance is called collateral basic. According to your policy payment power, you can add details to it. When you make these additions, you can act according to the state's regulations. In addition, your financial situation, your ability to pay, your expectations in vehicle guarantees should be at the forefront in choosing your policies.


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