What are Sperm Enhancement Drugs, Nutrients, Foods Sold in the Pharmacy?

Sperm enhancing drugs sold in pharmacies are frequently recommended by people who use them every day with the increasing demand. In addition, it is of great interest by those who use sperm-enhancing foods and sperm-enhancing cures. We shared with you information about sperm enhancing foods that will greatly benefit you.

Progeny M drug content consists of;

Carnipure L-Carnitine
C vitamin
Vitamin E
Pine Bark Extract
Coenzyme Q10
Beta Carotene
Folic acid
Vitamin D

What Are Sperm Enhancing Foods?

It can be applied by preparing a mixture with Royal Jelly, Honey Pollen mixture, Carob cold press extract, L Arginine amino acid, Çakşır root and Distilled Flint water from a herbalist. It will be very beneficial in order to eliminate the problems of sperm deficiency, sperm motility and impotence in sperm quality.

Royal jelly, pollen, honey ginseng root juice is natural sperm enhancing supplements.


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