"Brotherhood" of Pavel Lungin will be released in the domestic rental on May 9. The picture received in the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation a rolling certificate with the corresponding date, reports TASS , referring to the director of the department of cinematography of the Ministry Olga Lyubimova . 

“As planned, the rolling license was issued on May 9. The documents were submitted in two weeks; no additional expertise was required, ” Lyubimova said

If a 700 hp engine is installed in a passenger car, this is a supercar. From 1000 hp and more - hypercar. But how was it necessary to christen Koenigsegg Jesko, whose creators squeezed out of 1600 hp 5-liter Twin-Turbo V8. and dispersed their offspring to 450 km / h? So far we have stopped on the “megakar” variant - and it is possible that this model will go into serie


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