I love to travel. I prefer to travel in the nature.Walking in the nature is
beautiful but sometimes it is boring. It is very difficult to find both of places where
you feel entertaining and walking. After the Corona virus pandemic spread in our
country, it was very difficult to find a place for resting.

Now, i want to talk you about such a place where i visited last summer.This
rest area place name is “GAMO”. It place has 270 km distance from our city. It
place locate between in the mountains. There is a swimming pool, a waterfall and
some cottage in there. The cottages have very large room and locate on the river.
The cottages made by wooden. If you wanna to hear the river sound you only open
the windows of cottage. I advise you go there with your family.

“Gamo” is very silent area. You hear there only birds and grasshopper
sounds.The weather very clean because this place locate on mountain. When i
visited there , firstly i got a cottage for some days for living. Second, i hiking the
mountains and visited forest. You can get nice footage this mountains because you
can see many sights on the mountain. People like to swimming pool in the summer.
I do like it. Gamo has a middle size open air swimming pool. You can swimming
here and see trees, birds, mountains and the city which far from there. Actually, i
prefer to swimming in the pool once all day. But you don’t want to finish
swimming there.
This place workers very positive humans and service is very good. The
prices are very useful for a Azerbaijanian normal family. You can get a cottage
50-80 manats for a day. The meals are very delicious. The meals prices are not
expensive. You don’t want to eat restaurant meal, you can cooking at your cottage.
If you want to visit there you can do it in summer cause you can both of the
swimming and the traveling.

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By Fahmi

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