ISpace will try to be the first in China to launch an orbital satellite

Glory Space Technology Ltd (iSpace) will attempt to launch an orbital satellite using a four-stage Hyperbola-1 rocket. If the operation is successful, then iSpace will be the first company from China to succeed.

Huo Jia, who is the vice-president of iSpace, said that the launch vehicle will be transported to the Jiuquan Space Center, located in the north-western part of China, at the end of this month, where preparations for the launch will continue.

Previously, Chinese companies made two attempts to launch satellites, but they all ended in failure. In October 2018, Landpace Technology Corporation ran into a third-tier problem, and as a result, the payload was lost. In March of this year, OneSpace Technology Co., Ltd also failed to launch the apparatus into orbit due to malfunctions with the speed gyroscope, which appeared immediately after the launch of the second stage.

iSpace is considered to be one of the most famous and promising startups in China, and having received financial support from large investors, including, for example, the real giant Baidu, it has become even more powerful. As a result, thanks to cash flows from the outside, we managed to get over $ 100 million.

In development, iSpace has not only a Hyperbola-1 booster, but also Hyperbola-2, whose diameter is 2.5 meters and its height is 38 meters. This aircraft operates on liquid hydrogen and liquid methane.

The developers reported that the Hyperbola-2 rocket is capable of lifting approximately 1900 kilograms. The first launch is scheduled to take place after 2020.

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