US authorities communicate with aliens? The network has an incredible UFO video with a US military helicopter

Rumors that the US authorities are communicating with aliens have been circulating in the press for a long time, and some, in particular, conspiracy theorists, even give such rumors for facts. However, no one has yet succeeded in proving it, however, strange situations that continually raise an appropriate topic occur all the time, as it happened a few days ago. We are talking about a strange military helicopter that transported a mysterious object, very similar to the so-called "flying saucer", which is considered to be a classic aircraft of alien life.

The remarkable story caused an unprecedented excitement on the World Wide Web, where people crashed into skeptics and those who believe in the existence of aliens. Followers by hook or by crook are trying to understand what kind of UFO hit people in broad daylight, but the last word, as always, will be for specialists.

According to a number of Russian publications referring to foreign sources, in one of the cities of the United States of America, people noticed a helicopter that attracted them by attaching a disc-shaped object of white color to it with cables. By the way, there would not be intense disputes among Internet users if a local resident did not photograph a curious moment.

This case, of course, interested researchers working with such cases for many years. According to ufologists, the country's authorities should not have allowed the military to show the UFO to the public, but since this happened, they may no longer hide the fact of the existence of aliens from everyone, as well as the fact that high-ranking humans have been communicating with them for a long time. However, such a hypothesis does not seem the most likely even to conspiracy therapists, one hundred percent sure that the government would never go for it.

Most likely, alternative thinkers believe, the US military was simply instructed to immediately send the alien ship to a certain point, so it was necessary to take the risk.

If you believe one of the more likely assumptions of extraordinary researchers, then somewhere near the humanoid spacecraft crashed, and although in general he managed to remain unharmed, he could not fly again. That is why the US military received orders to help alien "guests" in a difficult situation. In this case, however, it is not entirely clear how the US authorities learned about the newcomers in trouble.

Ufologists do not exclude the fact that they themselves let them know about the help. But if it really was a “flying saucer”, then where is it now? This is a very interesting question, the alleged answer to which the conspiracy therapists also have. According to them, the aircraft of alien production can now reside within the walls of the legendary military unit, known as "Area 51" (Area 51) and founded back in 1955.

The place where the crashed UFOs are stored

The remote Edwards Air Force Base, named "Area 51", is located in the southern component of Nevada, 133 km north-west of Las Vegas, on the southern shore of the dry salt lake of Groom Lake. And she is famous for the fact that about her go a variety of legends associated with the aliens.

According to experts who do not want to have anything to do with the traditional view of things, this is where the aircraft of interstellar inhabitants, once crashed on our planet, is stored. Among other things, there is the opinion that the bodies of humanoids who perish during the crash are also sent there.

To believe in this, of course, is not very easy, and no one could have talked about it quite seriously if researchers, who once worked in Zone 51, did not say something. They told not only that you can find a whole bunch of UFOs in it, but also about the experiments that local doctors spend on dead aliens.

If, however, according to official statements of representatives of the mysterious base, it is used exclusively for experimental tests in the field of aeronautics and weapon systems, and is in no way connected with aliens. The same opinion is shared by skeptical users of the virtual space, who do not believe that not so long ago a military helicopter was transporting an aircraft of an alien assembly.

Proponents of classical science have no doubt that an earthly invention was attached to the aircraft, which simply strongly reminded the “flying saucer”, which is absolutely not surprising, because the US military technology never stands.

Brazen invasion of aliens or fake?

Earlier, a truly amazing UFO video appeared on the Internet, where you can clearly see how an incomprehensible flying machine of impressive size pursues a car, flying so close to it that the operator who shot all this on his mobile phone, like his friends, who were at that moment next to him started screaming loudly.

The video, filmed in the United States and still being discussed on the web, seemed to many not very plausible, and its creator was accused of having decided to become famous through fake.

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