The Russian Federation sent a comment to the American Space Agency (NASA) in connection with the ISS release into the air of a certain amount of isopropyl alcohol, which followed immediately after the new spacecraft Dragon-2, developed by the private American company SpaceX, joined in early March. Pavel Vlasov, who holds the position of head of the Cosmonaut Training Center, told about this.


Rumors that the US authorities are communicating with aliens have been circulating in the press for a long time, and some, in particular, conspiracy theorists, even give such rumors for facts. However, no one has yet succeeded in proving it, however, strange situations that continually raise an appropriate topic occur all the time, as it happened a few days ago. We are talking about a strange military helicopter that transported a mysterious object, very similar to the so-called "flying saucer", which is considered to be a classic aircraft of alien life.


The American descent module InSight made a second selfie on the surface of Mars. The resulting frame allows you to see how much it has changed in recent months.

InSight was brought to the Red Planet in November 2018, and already on December 6, he took the first selfie and sent a picture to Earth. At that time, he looked like “new”, the main devices - a set of seismometers and a thermal probe to be instilled - were then still stuck to the device.


Ufologists believe that aliens have long ago not only learned about the existence of our planet, as well as the fact that it is inhabited by us, but periodically disembark at different points of it, but another proof that this really can be, has become a strange event that occurred in Mexico the other day. We are talking about the emergence of an unidentified flying object, adopted by many eyewitnesses for the spacecraft so-called humanoids.


As is known, on May 1, 2019, Narukhito became the new emperor of Japan, replacing the 85-year-old Akihito, who ruled the country from January 7, 1989 to April 30, 2019, however, as it turned out, this event was attractive not only for its historical format, but also that within the framework of the relevant ceremony representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization made themselves known. At least, ufologists have no doubt that it was their spacecraft that showed itself in the sky over Tokyo, having entered into a stupor not only ordinary citizens, but also law enforcement officers, who, naturally, had gathered quite a lot during an important moment.


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